High School Artwork

This work was done during high school. The first portfolio was done on converse shoes. And the second one was on my friend and her love for jewellery.

Water color. 48"x36"
Mixed Media, Water Color and Photograph. 24"x36"
Mixed Media. Acrylic and Photograph. 24"x36"
Acrylic. 12"x18"
Watercolor. 48"x36"
Oil. 48"x36"
Pencil,Conte,Ink and Watercolor. 36"x48"
Chalk. 18"x24"
Watercolor. 18"x24"
Collage and Acrylic. 18"x24"
Watercolor. 36"x48"
Watercolor. 18"x24"
Mixed Media. 18"x24"
Watercolor and masking fluid. 18"x24"
Watercolor. 18"x24"
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